Solitary Osteochondroma of the Second Metacarpal Bone

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S. Benzarti
R. Mghirbi
F. Sbei
M. A. Sbai
R. Maalla


Solitary osteochondroma is a common benign bone tumor, usually developed in long bones. However, it’s localization in the metacarpal bones is exceptional. Only few cases have been reported in the literature.

We report the case of a 21-year-old right handed female who presented with a painful mass of the dorsal aspect of her left hand. This mass appeared at the age of 10 and was growing progressively ever since. For the last three months, she complained of an insidious and intermittent pain localized specifically over the swelling. There was no history of trauma to the hand.

On physical examination there was a swelling of 3,5 cm in diameter, hard in consistency. The mass appeared to be continuous with the second metacarpal bone.

Plain radiographs and Magnetic resonance imaging findings were consistent with a benign osteochondroma with no radiological evidence of malignancy.

An excisional biopsy with an osteotomy was performed and histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of osteochondroma.

Osteochondroma, bone, tumor, benign, metacarpal, hand

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Benzarti, S., Mghirbi, R., Sbei, F., Sbai, M. A., & Maalla, R. (2019). Solitary Osteochondroma of the Second Metacarpal Bone. International Research Journal of Oncology, 2(2), 1-6. Retrieved from
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