Organoids as a Form of Modern Day Silver Lining

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S. Danish Kadir


Blood Cancer-in the shape of carcinogenesis, is worldwide recognized, as a recent time catastrophe. Its unique capability of sustaining its dormancy, vulnerabilities, of drug screening methodologies, and most importantly therapeutic resistance of tumour affected stem cells(due to the redundancy of CD-133+ cells against Radio therapeutic treatment procedure and existence of MDR-1, and ALDH-1 proteins in drug screening methodologies) [1] has transformed blood cancer, as hardly curable. To face this challenge; Organoids are figured out to be a possible solution. From a researcher’s point of view organoids are generally 3D structured in (vivo) clusters of stem cell molecules [2], showcasing bio-active capabilities. However, the lower success rate of organoids, bespeaking its initial stages of preclinical level of studies. In addition, most of these models & their implications just only been limited to in (vivo) principles and various forms of cancer exemplifying; Blood lymphoma. Interestingly, some recent milestones of organoids in different research models on metastasis reflect the glimpses of hopes. At this present study, we have worked on organoids and their possible involvement in blood cancer. We have emphasized on organoid modelling both in (vivo) and in (vitro) cell culture, which are some excellent sources for cell analysis. Presently, we have established a model where a Nano-sized in (vitro-vivo) cell clustering of organoids with an MRI scanning technique been utilized to build a more precise and useful therapeutic tool. This innovative approach would help us to identify the tumours that will not respond to any conventional therapies. Also in our studies the organoids have shown active cellular level of immunomodulation, leading to a proper signal transduction. As a consequences, this revolutionary model creates opportunities for a better outcome in terms of diagnostics and therapeutics.

Blood cancer; in (vivo-vitro) models, organoids, revolutionary model, diagnostics, immunomodulation

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