Melanoma of the Ciliary Body: About a Case

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R. Zerrouk
M. Khmamouche
I. Tarib
Y. Chaoui
Y. Mouzari
F. Elasri
K. Reda
A. Oubaaz


Melanoma of the ciliary body is extremely rare. It is rarely diagnosed because of its location and the rarity of its associated symptoms. We report the case of a 35-year-old patient who consults for a decrease in visual acuity in whom ophthalmological examination after pupillary dilatation and with the help of ocular ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging has made it possible to objectify a melanoma of the ciliary body.

Melanoma, magnetic resonance imaging, malignant ocular tumour, ultraviolet rays.

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Zerrouk, R., Khmamouche, M., Tarib, I., Chaoui, Y., Mouzari, Y., Elasri, F., Reda, K., & Oubaaz, A. (2019). Melanoma of the Ciliary Body: About a Case. International Research Journal of Oncology, 2(3), 1-5. Retrieved from
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[Published 2013 Jun 15]

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