2022 - Volume 5 [Issue 2]

Systematic Review Article

Gynaecological Malignancies in Nigeria: A Systematic Review

Angela Chinasa Ani, Chika Augusta Ekweozor, Marydith Ifeoma Chukwu, Chioma Jacinta Chukwueloka

Page: 168-186

Case Study

Recurrent Intestinal Obstruction in a Teenager with Small-bowel Adenocarcinoma in a Classic Case of Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome

H. M. Yusuf, A. G. Farouk, A. B. Zarami, S. I. Wala, A. I. Rabasa

Page: 65-71

Opinion Article

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Cancer Patients

Ming C. Liau, Linda L. Baker

Page: 126-130

Minireview Article

Dostarlimab: A Review of Its Pharmacology and Clinical Use in Management of Cancer

Busayo Odunayo Akodu, Azike Ruth Chinazor, Ikalo David Oseghale, Regina Titilayo Oddiri, George Chigozie Njoku, Godwin Okoye

Page: 108-113

Original Research Article

Prevalence of Major Depressive Disorder in Patients Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Southwest Nigeria

Oluwafunbi Opadola, Taiwo Alatishe, Babatunde Suleiman, Omodele Opadola, Samson Ojedokun, Olaitan Oladele

Page: 131-138

Growing Burden of Breast Cancer in Bihar, a State of Eastern India: Epidemiology, Treatment and Outcome

Vijay Pratap Singh, Avinash Pandey, Akash Kumar Singh, Sumantra Sircar, Rahul Kumar Chaudhary, Arun Kumar Jha, Pranab Kumar Verma, Manish Jaipuriyar, Vishal Mohan Singh, Neeta Jha, Priyadarshi Ranjan, Sanjay Kumar, Pratik Anand

Page: 139-147

Variables Affecting the Development and Progression of Precancerous Lesions in the Cameroon Women Population

Embolo Enyegue Elisée Libert, Awalou Halidou, Doh Ndeh Gilbert, Banai Thomas, Bell Eric Michel, Essola Josiane, Medi Sike Christiane, Mouelle Sone Albert, Ngono Ngane Annie Rosalie, Koanga Mogtomo Martin Luther

Page: 148-158

Awareness of Cervical Cancer and Its Screening among Post-natal Clients at a Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria

Onyekachi Sunday Ohaeri, Peter Waripamo Oweisi, Azubuike Ikechukwu, Musa Stephen, Peter Waibode Alabrah, Adesina Adedotun Daniel

Page: 187-195

Preoperative Nutritional and Anaesthetic Management of Patients Undergoing Digestive Carcinology Surgery

Amal Hajri, Nassima Fakhiri, Driss Erguibi, Rachid Boufettal, Saad Rifki Eljai, Farid Chehab

Page: 218-225

Review Article

Wound Healing Metabolites to Heal Cancer and Unhealed Wounds

Ming C. Liau, Christine L. Craig

Page: 72-84

The CNS Paraneoplastic Syndrome: A Review of the Pathogenesis, Types, Manifestations and Diagnosis

Adedeji Okikiade, Edward Taylor, Norhan Abdulrahman, Oyeniyi Imoleayo, Miriam Tikanide, Aromedonghene Osharode, Damisola Ogunesan

Page: 114-125

3D Printing in Drug Delivery; Future of Cancer Therapy

Busayo Odunayo Akodu, Regina Titilayo Oddiri, George Chigozie Njoku, Vivien Chiamaka Uzoma, Prisca Chimerebere Aririguzo, Nancy Otuomasirichi Ogbonna

Page: 85-100

Cancer Theranostics: An Emerging Field for Cancer Research, Diagnosis and Therapy

Ikalo David Oseghale, Courage Ushiobafoh Godday, Godwin Mmaduabuchi Ikokwu, Virtue Oniso Okhemukhokho

Page: 159-167

A Review of the CRISPR/Cas System and Its Potential for Early Cancer Diagnosis

Ikalo David Oseghale, Imade Omoregie, Courage Ushiobafoh Godday, Virtue Oniso Okhemukhokho, Godwin Mmaduabuchi Ikokwu

Page: 196-205

Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Emerging Burden

Saima Batool, Kimberly Morton Cuthrell, Nikolaos Tzenios, Zaid Shehryar

Page: 206-217

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