2021 - Volume 4 [Issue 2]

Case Report

Parathyroid Carcinoma: Case Series and Literature Review

Emad Rezkallah, Andrew Elsaify, George Eskandar, Wael Elsaify

Page: 245-253

Case Study

Metachronous Dual Malignancy in an Indian Albino

B. R. Kiran Kumar, Amrut S Kadam, Deepak Sharma, V. Chendil, J. Rajesh, B. K. Raghavendra, P. Shylini

Page: 228-232

Unilateral Retinoblastoma in a Homozygous Sickle Cell Disease Patient: A Coincidental Occurrence with a Fatal Outcome

A. G. Farouk, H. U. Ibrahim, B. Usman, B. J. Dada, J. P. Ambe

Page: 264-268

Cavoatrial Thrombus Revealing a Renal Cell Carcinoma

A. El Adaoui, I. Tlohi, H. Bendahou, R. Habbal, H. Lachhab, M. Graiouid

Page: 284-289

A Case Series of Malignant Myelomatous Pleural Effusion with Detailed Karyotyping

Nishith Vaddeboina, A. V. S Suresh, P. S. Dattatreya, Rakesh Sharma

Page: 178-181

A Case of Urinary Bladder Dermoid

Anupam Lahiri, Ashwini Kumar Malhotra

Page: 182-189

A Rare Case of Round Ligament Leiomyoma Masquerading as Inguinal Hernia

Mishra Jagannath, Khandelwal Richi, Padhy Ashok, Mohapatra Janmejay, Parija Jita

Page: 304-307

Chronic Orchitis with Micro-Abscesses Simulating Testicular Neoplasm: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Friday E. Ogbetere, Sebastian A. Omenai

Page: 233-238

The Resolution of Hypertension after Adrenalectomy in Patient with Aldosterone-Producing Adenoma

Rania Alsayed Murad, Ashraf Alakkad, Fadi Almahameed, Mohamed Wahba, Anmar Hakki

Page: 276-283

Opinion Article

On the Mechanism of Wound Healing and the Impact of Wound on Cancer Evolution and Cancer Therapy

Ming C. Liau, Christine Liau Craig

Page: 269-275

Short Communication

Outlook on Genetically Engineered CAR T-Cell Therapies for Solid Tumours

Yana Pautova, Yuri Tolkunov, Luis Mendoza, Brian Churchill

Page: 207-211

Minireview Article

The Place of Radiotherapy in the Management of Desmoid Tumors

Fatma Elloumi, Fatma Ajengui, Lilia Ghorbal, Mayada Bourmeche, Jamel Daoud

Page: 239-244

Original Research Article

Significant Lower Carboxylesterase Specific Activity in Meningiomas and Gliomas and Derived Primary Cell Culture Indicate Reduction in Anticancer Drug Metabolism

Prabha Muddobalaiah, Vasanthapuram Ravi, Narayana Swamy Ramachandra Swamy

Page: 290-303

Utility of Mucositis Predictive Tools in Patients Receiving Chemo Radiotherapy for Various Indications

A. V. S. Suresh, Rakesh Sharma, Sneha S Siripurapu, P. S. Dattatreya, C. H. Mohana Vamsy

Page: 201-206

Triaging Women with Prior ASCUS Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) Results with Hr-HPV DNA Testing in Harare, Zimbabwe

Raymond Chibvongodze, Tafadzwa Dupwa, Lucy Muchiri, Chantal Nyirakanani

Page: 212-218

Histopathological Effect of Methanolic Leaf Extract of Maerua angolensis on Thioacetamide Induced Liver Cirrhosis of Wistar Rats

M. B. Shagari, J. O. Adisa, K. Abdullahi, U. Mohammed, U. Abubakar, A. Abdullaziz

Page: 314-322

Prevalence and Pattern of KRAS and NRAS Mutations in Colorectal Cancer: A Libyan Retrospective Study

Khaled S. Ben Salah, Fatma M. Emaetig, Abdalla O. Jebriel, Nada A. Oshah, Mohamed A. Elfagieh, Ebrahim H. El Mahjoubi

Page: 219-227

Review Article

Role of Diet and Probiotic in Prevention of Colorectal Cancer with a Review on Interplay of Pathogenesis

Tutul Chowdhury, Padmaja Deb Roy, Hasanul Islam Chowdhury, Eram Ahsan

Page: 190-200

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